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We offer a complete array of filing storage solutions for you. Whether you need Times Two Rotary file, closed door file cabinets or high density mobile filing systems, we can help. We will conduct a free survey your current file area and design a system best suited to your needs. Contact us today.
Stationary shelving is placed against a back wall, and 2, 3 or 4 rows are added moving in front. Letter, legal, x-ray or a combination of shelving styles are available. The mobile sliding systems can often be added to existing file equipment without disturbing the back wall. Mobile storage systems eliminate the need for multiple aisle spaces and maximize your floor space. Any type of filing equipment can be placed onto mobile carriages including existing equipment.
Offered in 24, 30, 36, 42 and 48 widths, this offers the ultimate flexibility in shelving. Multiple depths and height along with fully adjustable shelf locations are offered. File dividers are also adjustable as needed. 29 different colors at no additional charge. Designed specifically for end tab filing, Stackable units are modular in design with closed sides and backs. Fixed file dividers strengthen as well as hold records upright. Modular stack units can be added or split into smaller cabinets as needed.
Times Two Speed Files offer more files in less space with locking closed doors. File units rotate around a central axis. Units can be placed next to walls or as room dividers, with access from both sides. If you need security the Stak-n-Lok cabinet is for you. Closed door cabinets offered in a range of widths and heights.
We offer a wide assortment of file carts including under counter carts, locking doors file carts, double sided, carts with work areas and tambour door locking carts. 4 plastic bins hang from a steel framework. This is the best file equipment for end tab filing. Individual boxes hold records upright and can be removed from the file cabinet for work at your desktop.
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